Tattoo Removal

Tattoo Removal

If you have a changed your mind about your body art, don’t worry tattoos need not be permanent. We can remove tattoos using a specialized laser device called Spectra Q-Switched NdYag laser.


A focused beam of light is passed through the outer layers of skin and is absorbed by the tattoo ink. As the light is absorbed, it is quickly converted to heat. The sudden rise of temperature breaks the ink into tiny particles. These tiny particles are cleared away by the immune system.


Immediately after laser treatment, the treated area becomes whitish in color and may swell slightly. There might be some redness & a slight burning sensation. The whiteness subsides in about 30 minutes. The redness and swelling is minimized by cooling with an ice pack.


Laser treatment for tattoo removal is considered to be safer than other options, and offers improved therapeutic results. It has a reduced risk of infection and less scarring in most cases.


The treatment plan varies from patient to patient depending on the age, size, and type of tattoo (amateur or professional). The color of the patient’s skin, as well as the depth to which the tattoo pigment extends, will also affect the removal technique. Some tattoos may clear in just one session and others may take 4-6 sessions spaced 2-4 weeks apart. Strict sun protection is recommended after laser treatment.